Vintage Appliance Finds


These beauties are in EXCEPTIONAL Shape, but are fully un-restored. Everything is in original condition unless otherwise stated.

1952 Hotpoint 39" Electric Range


This beauty is approximately a 1952, Hotpoint 39" Electric Range with deep well burner. This unit is in WELL ABOVE average condition. We do not have the deep well pot for this unit. This range has been plugged in and everything works with exception of the timer, and the Right Front Burner Element needs replaced (the original is currently still in the unit). We can replace this burner for a nominal fee. The timer seems to work intermittently. This range features Light-Up Push-Button controls. Each Surface burners temperature selection has its own unique color, based upon the heat selection. Blue-low, Green-medium-low, Purple-medium, Yellow-medium-high, & Red-high. This range also has an adjustable top oven rack so that you may crank the shelf up for custom broiling. The oven racks are beautiful, shinny and show little signs of tarnishing from heat. The oven wall is still painted with the ABC letter code for shelf placement. It truly looks like this oven was only RARELY, if EVER, used. The storage drawers have a small amount of rust. The porcelain exterior is in excellent condition. This stove also Features a plug connector for a deep well fryer attachment and a automatic griddle (neither of which are with the unit), & a Timed and Non-timed two prong electrical outlet. The deep well on this range is a 8" burner unit. Asking price on this unit in as is condition $1,300.00. Please CLICK here for more pictures and information about this range. If you have any questions, or to make an offer on this unit please e-mail


1958 Maytag Pink 641C "Halo of Heat" Electric Automatic Clothes Dryer



Meet "Pinky" The Maytag Model: P 641C Automatic Clothes Dryer. This is a TRULY AMAZING find! This machine is one of the QUIETEST running dryers that I have EVER heard. Advertised as the Halo of Heat dryer, featuring a 26 Minute Drying Time, they just "Don't build 'em like this anymore!" This machine is FULLY FUNCTIONAL, right down to the lighted dial, and the florescent panel light. The only things that do not work on this machine are the light IN the drum and the bell to signal the end of the cycle. The Temp Selector (Air Fluff, Regular Drying, & Wash-N-Wear) works properly, and the timer runs, advances, and shuts the machine off when the cycle is completed. As you can see in the pictures above, the paint has faded with time, and there are some light streaks in the original finish. There is one tiny spot of rust showing on the top, and along the tops of both sides, but again this machine is in remarkable condition. There is a hand written notice on the back stating that the machine had been re-built in January of 1982 with a private individuals name. We are unable to verify this information or warrant the extent or longevity of such re-build. The original wiring diagram is affixed to the back of the machine and has a date of Dec 1957.Asking Price on this Dryer in AS-IS condition $300.00. If you have any questions, would like additional pictures, or to make an offer on "Pinky", please e-mail: